About Me

I've been working in the User Experience industry before the field had a designated name. With a foundational belief in design psychology, I've spoken at a number of events around the country about the power of persuasive patterns. I enjoy taking complex problems and aligning user goals with business objectives.

Over the last 20 years I've led a number of design teams and have instructed in the classrooms of my alma mater. I'm a curious innovator and have founded innovation lab programs at a couple of leading agencies.

As user experience lead, I've had the incredible opportunity to work closely with clients and their customers on projects from complete redesigns to feature focused initiatives. From running onsite design workshops to wireframing and comping project requirements, I've been involved at every level of the user experience and design process.

My UX and Design contributions can be found at organizations like Autodesk, Red Hat, Sonos, TripAdvisor, UCLA, Indiana University and Stanford University.