About Me

Since graduating in 1999, I've worked for a number of leading design firms and ad agencies. In mid 2015 I left my position as Director of Web Services at Sims where I lead a team of designers, web developers and account coordinators to start my own company focusing on UX, UI and visual design. Within a few months I joined one of my clients (Bluespark) as a User Experience (UX) Strategist and Designer, which has allowed me to work with an amazing world class team, as well as offer me the opportunity to work on a number of large-scale digital projects using open source technologies.

Since 2010 I've been a graphic & web design college instructor and was hired in 2012 to write the new 3 year web curriculum for the graphic design program. Visual Design, UI and UX has been an important part of my current role and has helped with the development of courses that focus on these design principles.

From creative concept to project completion, I have the necessary skills to turn user experience and design challenges into digital products that drive results.

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