increase in desktop revenue - 2018

Increase in mobile revenue - 2018


In 2015, StickerGiant was a business whose growth was constrained by a website that was under performing. They needed a web partner to elevate its web presence and ensure that the site was growing the business – not holding it back. In particular, the site was not responsive and lacked some of the common ecommerce capabilities (such as user accounts and order tracking). Complicating the situation, much of the customer experience was handled offline because the company’s CRM system was only partially integrated with its website.


  • Complete User Experience overhaul
  • Complete redesign
  • Designed a mobile experience
  • Improvements to the checkout flow
  • User tested every stage of the checkout process in an effort to tune conversions
  • Designed account functionality so customers could self-service their needs, reducing impact on Customer Service.

Getting Started

Since Sticker Giant was doing 200k+ in monthly revenue, we wanted to ensure that any changes we made were validated. We tackled this challenge by running usability and research tests on the existing site to create baseline metrics. With baselines in hand, every UX and design decision we made was measured against these data points.

Customer Account Sketches & Wires

Project Update

Since 2015 we've redesigned, tested and made iterative improvements that have contributed to an increase in monthly revenue from $200,000 to $1,500,000 per month in 2019. Sticker Giant is on track to be a 25 million dollar company by the end of 2019.

October, 2015 - 2019
Sticker Giant - A client of Bluespark